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This Is Murder Not Music (Remix)

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
I'm on a hard bench, tryna' sleep in a holding pen
Man, how the fuck did I get here again?
First thing in a morning, it‘s the fuck shit
They called the case, I got confronted by a tough snitch
He told me do it, 1 click, you ain't tell me to do it
You ain't a shooter, you a shermhead, you fuckin' loser
I fly a kite, my little man cut his sister up
He loves his bitch, you snatch her, he'll start switching up
I'm cool, I just wait ‘til my next court date
I bet he catch amnesia, then do this shit at leisure
Surrounded by Bloods, Crips, Kings, and Ñetas
Gemstars open niggas up like barettas
I'm tryna' be easy
But every now and then I gotta put it in, please believe me
You get to looking at me strange, I'm prepared Jack
A buck fifty, keep the change you can wear that

[Hook x2]
This is murder this is not music
I had your style 10 years ago
I just didn't use it
You niggas forgot how I do it
Well I do it like there' nothin' to it

[Verse 2: Young Buck]
Same night from the Vibe awards
Still with me looking for some new spinal cords
Fuck your life and see the mind of yours
Concrete floors, I still feel like I'm behind them doors
I want war
I'm Read up for Teed up
I'm getting fast money but I need to speed up
These Niggas kicking their feet up, just smoking their weed up
Well Ima creep up with my heat up and make em freeze up
Hold up Buck, ease up
Put some bodies in a box for Mazaradi Fox
New York when I get there I need to hear a lot of shots
A couple chickens on a video vixen,send her on a mission and one cent better not be missing
I don't listen, I'm hard headed
Just one but you all get it my niggers all breaded its crum' just to beat the case
I see death when I see your face
And even at this pace ima still lead the race
This Buck

[Hook x2]
This is murder this is not music
I had the style 10 years ago
I just didn't use it
You niggas forgot how I do it
Well I do it like there' nothin' to it

Yeah, all I'mma do is this. I'mma keep countin' money
I don't give a fuck if it make you sick to see a nigga win
I'mma make you watch me win over and over again
You already know what it is with me motherfucker
This shit, goddamn it, you motherfuckers is making me lose count man
Gotta start this shit over, I'm licking my fingers
I'm gettin'... I got 100 d-dollar bills, for real nigga
All I'mma do is this man
You hear that sound in the background?
I'mma do this shit till my thumb get tired
I'mma take a break when I get past your momma house nigga
When I count more than your momma house
I'mma take a break. Go get a new stack
Hand me that money over there
What we gon' do? All year long
It's back to 50, you already know
Get the money, and shut the fuck up
Watch me do what I'm doin', cause niggas can't stop nothin' that I'm doin'
Right after you get in the way
We gon' start shooting again like it's nothing changed
We went through that whole
"Kumbaya my lord - let's be friends by the fire"
It's over nigga
Back to the script, you know how this shit go
How much is that? Oooh, if you could see me right now
I got a alligator on nigga!
You, you think it should go different? See that's where you go wrong
When you think... Who the fuck asked you to think nigga!?
Now you stick to writing comments and tweeting
And your hashtags and...
You know what the fuck you do nigga
Let me do what I do

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