Snoop Dogg - Thug Life Lyrics

Thug Life

In the city watch me while Im getting hale with it
She do it with no hands and Ill be gone swiping
Oops, I think I made those riding
When I get that vane oh watch how she make it slid in
Get that pussy and you know Im the liveliest
Introduce, no beat it up, no crime man
And I might be your bay cryin
And is search, no stress out man
All the homies falling
And if she let me hit, the homies all here
Nigga if I needed its all a wanna pay
Cuz Imma be as hungry as the last man
A young G but Im a nigga with a damn plan
I keep a G like creeping the 80
Man I beat your ass like an 80 slaver
And say you try to help me but it sound like hate to me
But Im wise like Doctor Kan on my own shit,
Get your own hands
Niggas they cant get the head up cuz they aint friends
Nigga put that hole down
Better use your hands
Better get that drown round before your life end
And I aint never love for a fake friends
Or a fuck nigga, better duck nigga
Better hole money and thangs dont get stuck in it
Good luck nigga

Slip this with the clip stick
Then they get a nigga with the slack shit
In a room full of miss fix
Plug it in, let it bang, yeah my shit bangs
Get brake like disquiet or sofa ass nigga with that face with some lipstick
Let me show you how I drip quick
Get chips and flips and take low trips
I zip that shit, aint come by lane
Down Mississippi and New Orleans
World is a motherfucker, let me verve that
Swipe dog, is a hoer
Yeah I heard that, you deserve that swag that lane
Making bang let it go, yeah
I blow their grain and left you to that thang
Living life its amazing, its amazing
So high, I can let this taste crazy
I feel like Im the nigga in the matrix
Im zipping codeine, I feel like Im a patient
I stay those down like a medical blood that say no
Cope a cute ? I blow it real slow
Blow and smoke at the roof, girls know we truth
Get the bitch low, then I get it do what he do
Put the hole one to crew
Were damn real team
Im chopping real game, our choppers are duce
I chop some real game
Other niggas is goose so when I pass by the bitch
She gonna know all the truth
Eighty game grain and we already knew
We walk base in your face to prove
The realest nigga I dont know bitch, give me the jewels
They never hate a nigga when he speaking the truth
I gotta keep it real, gotta stick in my room

Too me, you know my slam
Me and my niggas doin our things
We all gonna win
Fucking these models and fucking their friends
Got my hoers, in snooper prints
Pimpin nigga, look at my hands
Go ring on my fingers
Young nigga and Im halla Davis
Its like I lead throw injections
Ballers on it, yeah thats my section
Getting money, thats the only objection
Pow ? so I see my reflection
West, west hold it down for taxes
Yellow diamonds on my necklace
Pretty bitches betting naked
Young nigga living reckless
Like 21 guns to protect you

Ding dong with that fast life
So its on to the thug life
It aint no bad but I cant never love my wife
Like I love my live, I never love you twice
I feel in love, is nice
Still lost in the days in the measure way
Ill be blaze for days like Johnny
Morbid in a fixit lane is my hobby
We sorry, real nigga say savvy
Making for them bitches, take enough to track me
Real big blandish, you running to my canyon
That been blowing like a candle
Sabin, blowing, wiping in a valley
Roll OG, Im nothing like my daddy
Few things on the way, Im happy roll dog
And Im learning with the passion
Did the young boy go to school
One prettier and reaching, and teasing you
They all in my business , Im feeling like snop but I[ more like pop
Learn a life lesson but I might get shot
Im spreading and mention and its all that I got
We pray for progression and stick to the block
Im feeling like Ioda, my analogy is hot

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