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Thug Nigga

Yeah nigga, Z-Ro the Crooked
Hollin' at all my real niggaz out here, that's handling
they bidness
Know I'm saying, being that motherfucking man they
'pose to be
Guide they seeds in the right direction, know I'm
Real nigga grown ass men, know I'm saying feel me

Black and beautiful, but I can't have her
Anytime the queen smile, it make me wanna grab her
But I'm a loner, destined to be alone a long time
Anytime I get courage enough to say something, it's at
the wrong time
I ain't shy but I'm a bad seed, back luck with women
Mama died, after she had me
Left me alone had to be strong, dealing with the truth
and the lies
Witnessed the whole family turn on me, in front of my
For being real, so I wonder what the fake got to offer
I let her catch me slipping, cause I already caught her
Breaking the bond, but you were never locked down
I should of listened, when people say she was sleeping
But I wasn't fooling evil, that stuff going the wrong
Was the deception, blinded by a beautiful face
The aftermath is simple, it's I can't stand you hoe
By myself forever, me and my bitch nigga the dro

When a good nigga'z fed up
And everything go wrong, and home ain't feeling like
Feel like it's impossbile, to hold your head up
Even though you be doing right, they do you like you do
Why they be fucking with a thug nigga, why you fucking
with a thug nigga
Fucking with a thug nigga, why you fucking with a thug
Fucking with a thug nigga, fucking with a thug nigga
Fucking with a thug nigga, bitch you gon' make me out a
drug dealer

I was, damn near about to lose my mind
And hoe ass niggaz, trying to keep me from shining
I get hated on, all day long
Why the fuck I gotta get hated, when I get home
I'm trying to stay on my grind
All that riff-raff, I can't let it stay on my mind
I got the rent and the bills to deal with, and you be
tripping and shit
So why wonder why I'm addicted to dro, and sipping and
Because I go through so much
So I try to stay fucked up, because
I get my hustle on daily, so your children can eat
Without getting myself a new unit, or shoes for my feet


The diapers the rent deposit, the light bill
The way I made it warm, when there was a slight chill
I was everythang, at least I thought I was mayn
Until my better half, said she wasn't feeling the same
She needed a change, and made a nigga pack up and leave
After that calling me everyday, saying she was checking
on me
How the fuck you think I'm doing, I'm living on the
Sleeping in the front, with all my clothes in the
Moved back in to get kicked out, and moved back in
The only thing that stayed stable, was the money that I
had to spend
Seventy five, on the room a night
This is the way brothers get treated, for doing em
Ask my brother, he be going through it with his baby's
But that's what a nigga get, for trying to love a
Never again, will I put my arms around a bitch
It's sunny in my life now, I hope it storm around a


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