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Uh oh, Z-Ro the Crooked
And my mo'fucking brother from another
K-Rino the Wizard, that's right

Oh naw, don't run now nigga
Strap your seatbelt on homeboy, dig these blues

I needed assistance, but I gave help
And carried people on my shoulders, when I could barely cary myself
God love it the cheer forgiver, check out second Corinthians chapter nine
Every ten dollars I had, was really five
Damn near everytime, cause I don't want my people to suffer
But these the same people, love to see my tough times get tougher
I feed em when they're hungry, even though when I'm starving they let me starve
And make fun of me, whenever I'm behind bars
As if I'm robbing and killing man
What's funny is they hate a man, that's trying to do right but they love a villain
The devil is an infection, but God is amoxicillin
The cure is heaven, and life is a sickness that needs healing
K-Rino say I'ma make it, but when
(trying to understand why your life is so troubled, is like chasing the wind)
All I can do, is keep my mind focused on heaven above
And remember, the Lord chastises the ones that he love

Try to make it through today, don't worry about tomorrow
Tomorrow gon' be full of it's own problems anyway
Try to make it through today, don't worry about the past
Let that be motivation, to face obstacles in your way
Is this what I gotta go through, to get to heaven
Cause I feel like I'm about to lose it, I just can't take it anymore


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