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Tough jew

[ Verse 1 ]
I'm a Tough Jew, you fuck around, I'll snuff you
The way you grew up ain't realer than me, we
Grew up rough too, ya feeling me?
Shout out to Rothstein, he taught us thugs how to floss
Clean, tailor made cloth, razor blade sharp
The Bossolini's walk is smooth like a classical played
Harp, You'll see more gore than Gwar, you don't want it pah, play your part
Scarred from Egyptian enslavement, the
Star of David, slam you on tar pavement, reparations
Holocaust payment, My empire, lights you on fire
It's real man, catch you in your cell at night and
Leave you like Hetfield's hand, blessing you like delicatessens
The essence, smell the freshness of knishes and
Ethnic dishes, gai essen, I don't need to ever to say thank you
Cause I'll shank you, whatever, It's understood, we all hood, benevolant never
If I made a rule I'll follow it, we're paid Jews with hollow tips, that flip and contract hits, but our kids get scholarships

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