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Tough Job

Heading road trains west of the Warrego River
Pigging in the lyginum on the Barcoo
Drilling for oil in the Strezleki Desert
Or shipping the wool clip out Pokataroo

It's a tough job, mate
But someone's got to do it
It's a tough job mate
But it's got to be done
Put in the hard yakka
Work up a sweat
The harder you work
The hotter it gets
It's a tough job mate
It's a tough job mate
Packing down in a scrum in a sudden-death semi
Waiting for the bell on a saddle bronc ride
Ringing a shed out west of Menindee
It's just another day of a hard workin' life


Digging and driving
Sweating and striving
Grease and diesel
Steel and sweat

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