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[Verse 1]
I need a moment of silence for niggas that tried but they couldn't check me
Too busy getting a bag
I'm looking for sex, I'm riding down Beverly
Yeah, the gossip ain't messy, the watch is a Presi', the crib is heavenly (Yeah)
And none of these niggas can mess with me
None of these niggas can mess with me, hmm, yeah
Jubilee were the bezel be
Looking like I be embezzling, whoa, yeah
f*cking with me could be messy, my G
Just consider it heavenly, whoa, yeah
Niggas be settling, niggas be softer than powder from meddling
Niggas be talking that shit but they dead to me
Stealing my style, make your royalties dead to me
I been through many different type of trials (Trials)
Niggas be falling off, I hold 'em down (Down)
Soon as I pick 'em up, don't hear a sound (Sound)
Carrying niggas, that's too many reps

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Date Added: 2022-08-17
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