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Troy's Bucket

[Dialogue from "The Goonies"]
"Don't you guys see? Don't you realize?
He was a pro, he never made it this far
Look how far we've come - we've got a chance."

"A chance at what, getting killed?"

"Look if we keep going, someone's really gonna get hurt
Maybe dead."

"Don't say that! Never say that!
Goonies never say die."

"I'm not a Goonie. I wanna go home."

"Down here it's our time. It's our time down here!
That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket."

Hach-tooey, "Chop Suey," System of a Down
My spit be +syndrome+ of a +down+, downie
Full retard, Academy Award
Heyman and Cannon at the stars, boom
Powerful impact, D no Dinko
Ain't sayin shit, an Eric Wright misquote
Fist full of dollars, a pocket full of lintballs
Dead broke, +Gravediggin+ like Prince Paul
With "Nowhere to Run" like the Vandellas
Or Van Damme, or Mandela
Bran Van 3000, drunk in Los Angeles
Shit talkin your whack records
I'm past jealous, dawg I'm bitter, like Shad said it
Oh yeah I get it
Derek V livin images from Grandmaster Flash's "Message"
The king of the jungle, passin beverages laughin

And when the clock strikes 12
That's when my world stands up
Frowns turn to capital U's
I demand you to grab a cup and drink
Until the cup's bone dry
I promise you'll be just fine
Come 12:01, The Goonies never say die
And it's 11:59, goodbye

I talk to the kids who are not gonna listen
To a top 40 hit, and boycott outlets
Offering spins to the glossy
Far from a "Gone With the Wind"
More like gone with the wind, once the new doorknob
With the fauxhawk and cardigan coughs up a hit
Far from a songbird
But kids gobble him up like chocolate popsicles
And spit him out like vomit, mommy I'm sick
Their Warhol 15 minutes
Clock in at 6 with a cocaine habit
No dough and Fatty Arbuckle tits
No screamers, wanting their signature
On the cover of the compact disc
That sleeps in a bargain bin with the Thompson Twins

Fuck you, straight from the bottom of
My noir heart, torn, tarnished
Scarred, a kiss from a rose
Molotov cocktail whipped at the throne
Sip gasoline, piss on your poems
Campfire, Jim's flow is so
Presley's medicine, king over-throne
This is animosity bitch~!
This is Manson filled with oxy and sniff
A timebomb and I'm stoppin to tick
While y'all blowjobbin the obvious pick
The underdog barks, claws and sinks
His chompers into its body and rips
Its carcass to shreds, sleep on a skeleton
Listenin to clocks, tick, tick, tick
{*laughing*} Yeah fuck that
I I probably won't even keep that verse

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