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Type of Way (Freestyle)

[Intro Speech]
Been a gangsta
If you gon’ do it to me just get it over with quick
I’m ‘a respect it

If I'm blinded by the light, you could believe I'm flossing
Got it out the mud for real, now we’re retarded
People talking, hearing voices, they’re upset I'm balling
If you’re a killer, then on Twitter
You don’t do no talking up

[Verse 1]
South side, Baton Rouge
With a trap house in the N.O
I whip down, they whipped up
I whipped out the extendo
Got seven hoes, who’re bimbos
Might play shorts with Timbos
Got a thick sum’, she’s a dime piece
We’re on round six, she’s a nympho
Hear anything ‘bout a 100 Gang
I’m ‘a cash in from a flip phone
My nuts hang, get in the lane
Like a touchdown, no end zone
Pushing me, no Pusha T
Jump out the window with Clips on
Fits on, kicks on
Check Instagram, yo’ bitch gone

She never made this kind of love
She feels some type of way
B.W.A., I’m a smooth operator

Ask me why I’ve got this raw
Then I might say precaution
Different thoughts, I'm hearing voices
Catch up if I lost you
On Instagram, they like my pictures, I’ve got women stalking
And I know killers, but on Twitter they don’t do no talking

[Verse 2]
Don’t rock wit’ you, won’t chop it wit’ you
You don’t even know what I'm thinking
Her other friend’s just another friend
I don’t need to know what you’re drinking
(Hell nah)
Niggas ain’t loyal but might go to war for a chick with no morals
Shawty at Onyx, I told her, I promised
That if I get time I might call her tomorrow
(What the fuck?)
Ain’t shot marbles, I'm not talking
I'm looking stupid, I’m mugging
I fell in this bitch by myself
Won't smoke wit’ yuh, like fuck yuh
Magic city for the lemon chicken
Don’t fuck with none of these devils (?)
Wake up with you, break up with you
Won’t even feed ‘em no breakfast
(Go ahead!)

Heard about lil’ Kevin, now she says her pussy’s
Calling out for me
It's calling out for me
The pussy’s calling on for me
It’s calling out for me
It’s calling out for me

[Outro Speech]
For real!
That’s how it’s kind of been going lately
Boy, I’ve just been grinding hard
Staying out the way, you heard me
You know, I don’t think shit ‘bout no ‘nother nigga’s business, you heard me

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