Demon Head - Untune The Sky Lyrics

Untune The Sky

This thing confuses us
It fits no theory:
If it is not hallucination, what does that mean?

What will happen when the day becomes the last
Will there be sun overhead or shadows overcast?
I don't know what will be left to say but I'll still have confessions to make

I'm beginning to fail as a human
Cannot feign interest in anything in sight
I look at sunsets and the moon in the sky
I need something real to occupy my mind

Time is foreboding and the end seems so near
Even the amused pessimist must fear
When I am obsolete and all is through
Will I think of nothingness or will I think of you

That wicked moon is up again
And I feel someone forcing my hand
Lying in the dirt to die
Will music untune the sky?

A fire burning in the rain, it will stand there without a flame
Lying in the dirt to die
Music will untune the sky

Some I regret but I can't forget
Moments outside of time that we had
Reaching back to those waters, you eclipsed just bit of the bitterness

All my force it has been spent and I know I'll die without a friend
Lying in the dirt to die
Music will untune the sky!

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