Demon Head - We Are Burning Lyrics

We Are Burning

Silence: awful, total power
Fallout dust all around us
Echoes of nothing, blind machines
Mors certa, vita incerta

You know the ground is always aflame beneath us
Bridges are ashes when we cross
The abyss does stare back from behind the wall
But it matters not to me what will be the cost

Yes, we'll come down like a fucking meteor
I can't stop shaking in anticipation
Always wanted to bring it all down on you

Lose your way
We are burning
We watch the sun rise still with starts in our eyes
Lose your way, we are bruning
We watch the sun fall with the fire inside

And I'd do it all again with you

We've sold our souls for cursed dreams
It's a long, damned path but I know it's right for me
I've done wrong and you have too
No one is innocent here
Laughing at death we enter the night
We're the best at living that ever were

We have the pitchfork and the halo
Lightning-hammer of the gods
We shall be crowned with laurel
Underneath the mud
Underneath the mud
The blackened mud
Underneath the mud

Lose your way
We are burning

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