Lloyd Banks - Up in Here (Freestyle) Lyrics

Up in Here (Freestyle)

Fresh dressed, like a million in cash
Like a million in cost, no steering wheel class
Pretty things that I miss, still nailing her ass
Keep the billion with the macho, clearly attached
I’ma fly nigga, really, Louie to the [?]
Signing an autograph
So I’m closing... I’m more …and silly
Before …
Take over the hotel …
..has been minimal, …and pennies,…
In a position you will never hold
Center of attention with a centerfold
Like skin brown skin you never know
Floating off the pole I’m December cold
All of ya against me just an episode
I hit it in my fitted with a neck of gold
…squared up to the sweater, I’m in checker mode
…hot product, on or two seconds sold!
…cause nay nigga hit her, must…
Got damn, drop lame and…
Heavy metal ..band
…bitches look at the delivery room and…
They’re already on …dance,…
Fly camp, big bag of get high plants
Steal your one and only with an eye glance!
..me and the propeller
I got a black brown Puerto Rican and vanilla
…my life is a big movie, every weekend is a trailer
Huh, she try to lie me, I’ma kill her
Those …brown and… hit..
..and they’re climbing on my zipper everytime I do her bigger!
My cars do the talking
The diamonds do the glitter
So sad rule,…. Honolulu nigga
You’re falling and you’re tricking,…
The bullshit ends by me
Bottles on the air full of…
..they don’t need the tense ideas, …

Date Added: 2017-09-07
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