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Got my Visine
Got my box
Got my wishes
Got my underwater cymbal
Filled with energy
To get me through his minute

TV star from childhood
Come and screw me now
I am man enough for wooden benches

Seal this note with my juicer
Use the liquid from your womb
Season to taste

Romeo came with crystal
Said my house was clean except for this
And I help up my marijuana
If you think it's a crime
I'll take a piss
A piss on your grave

Had a dream 'bout Joseph Stalin
Was his son haulin' out of Moscow
On a jellybean with wheels
There is one thing we have in common
You must stand there now
You must agree
The time is near now
We're children no more
No more (x4)

The ozone like a clit
Dripping sunshine on my lips
Call me social disaster
There's still me comin' after
A piss on your grave


My wishes
This minute
My wishes
This minute...

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