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Viva Necro

Viva Necro (15x)

[Part I]
Master! Master!
The Master of ruckus suckas
Committing crime is primal
Sip some tea eat a dope meal then break his spinal
Threw the rope-a-dope if I still can't counter attack on vinyl
Pound you with a round house you hit the ground its final
Dont disturb me verbally youre like a gerba? baby
Cut my enthusiasm you 'an urban herb- dude looks like a lady
Dont talk cops grind you like pan fried pork chops
Solid pig new york cops I walk with a bop
I clash youre a moron with a glass chin
Kick your ass like Zohan classic like Johan Sebastian
Very punctual when I puncture you punk kung fu you
I lump you in the trunk like structure? filled with junk
My arch enemies know me infamous like McDonalds arches
Like the oj car chase, malcolms departure
Martin's marches, StarKist Tuna and Jimmy Hoffas carcass
Parcheesi I'm that sleazy profit marketable narcissist

Viva Necro (15x)

[Part II]
Master! Master!
I'm despicable kick you in your dick and balls
Smash your thick skull with a cricket ball
Stick up your clique ill Vic you all
Droppin bombs chop off your arms
Pop off the lamas more drama than a sonata from brahms- no ones hotter than Ron
I got the kwan you think your big shit, youre a big fish in small pond, a big bitch like a tall blonde
No handshakes, flip you like murderous manner on pancakes'
Rip you like Otis in Devil's Rejects, these are the breaks'
Fuck in the kitchen if sex is a crime lock me in prison
Plus I love bitches like mike loved pigeons- I'm above religion
Hit you twice with a big device dismembered you remember me I'm stuck in your memory like gigabytes
Pop you with a trepound till you're `Ghost` like Oda Mae Brown
Comatose homey vaminose, get down or lay down
Youre too ridiculous pop fags in the game claimin to be true lyricist you give hip hop a bad name
Viva Necro (15x)

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