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Vive La Vida

In this world there is so much angerOur lives are in dangerWe are all living in fearsWe've got to stop the tearsChorus: life is for livingSo why must we waitWe all need some lovingSo then why do we hate? In south africa things are still the sameThe face of humanity still hasn't changedPeople have to fight to live togetherAnd share with one anotherChorus[Vive La Vida lyrics on]We can change this to a better place for allIf we listen to others when they callGive a shoulder to lean on when they fallLet us bring down the apartheid wallInnocent people pay with their livesCause the truth, it cuts like a knifeMandela's life is wasted in jailRaise your voices for freedomChorus ( 3 x)Woza mandelaSibizi' gama lakhoWoza mandela

Date Added: 2007-04-15
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