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Warboys (A Prayer For Peace)

They were born
With the knowledge
Of the struggle to survive
They were raised learning
Only ways to stay alive
Their language
Is the language
Of the bullets and the gun
If you see them coming,
Babe you'd better run

Here come the warboys
Here come the warboys

Well they look so pretty
As they march and drill
It's such a pity
That they're dressed to kill
See them marching two by two
When it all comes down
They know exactly what to do

Here come the war,
War, warboys
Children and their toys
Make a lot of noise
When the lightning explodes
I pray for your soul

Well they look so fierce
Gonna tear out your heart
When they get near
Gonna see what they got
Hold on to your soul,
Friend of mine
I'll see you in hell,
Some other time

Here come
The warboys, warboys
Warboys, warboys

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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