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Watch Your Back

It's all about drugs money murder sex
Crackin' skulls cashin' large mutha fuckin checks.
Bustin' gats
Killin tracks
Necro and Diablo you better watch your back!

Sadistically sparkin' the "Sife?"
Run up on your squadrin wit'a knife
And bring the lyrics sheet from a carcass album to life
It's street surgeory
Before you ever succeed in murderin' me
Ya meat ill' bleed burgundy diceit purgeory
Completed beatings are delivered urgently
You shook at me ya scared like a woman shivering nervously
Unprepared quivering pervertadly like a nun scared gettin fucked by a Satanic priest in the blastfamous clergy
Anarchist thirsty laughin' at the panic in human manikin
Consumin anderson in tunes management,
Slay you like Jeff "Hanerman" infront of the camera man
Bullets attack you and ordered by the hammer pin
Crills and porn leave you blood spilled and torn
We breed hate like the mother of a still born
Cadavers hangin' from the wall,
Mangle you all
Lets have a head bangers brawl!


We'll leave you with a scared head
Rollin' you up in carpet
You bitches get played like guitar frets
Buckin' you like "bernard getz?"
Like "Geezer" on a 63'Fender precission over precussion
There's nobody as sick as me end of discussion
You'll get your scalp split
Cause' your a faggot like "Halfred?"
You iron cross rockin pussies with Mic Jaggar outfits
I grew up in a hell hole
Ragin' like "Morello?"
At a cerain age I stared pumpin' bass like "Frank Bellow?"
Blast you with metal like brilo
Put the pillow over your face to muffle it
When we kill you
Like buffalo,skinned by indians
We'll watch you suffer slow
On a trestle cut muscle vessels
Like Russel Crowe
Playin' you like an "Ibonez"
Prey on you like a cyborge with dredz
Ya shits' low quality I'm high rez
I'll never settle
I'd ratha drink ya' neck
'Cause I'm ghetto like the digi-tech
Death metal pedal


Date Added: 1970-01-01
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