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Ground water moves very slowly. While water at surface can be measured inmeters per second, the ground water will more likely be measured in metersper year! Contamination of the ground water causes severe damage for a verylong time. Despite this, military and nuclear industry constantly pollutes large areasof ground water - in times of peace. I've always loved the sound of rain Touching so softly my windowpane And then the scent of dew at dawn Coming to greet me from my moist lawn ...home... [D. Gildenlow]I always took it for granted I never valued the drops I shed I failed to see the relation Between my self and world starvation [D. Gildenlow]Water's for the chosen But how come we expect us to be those few... and you? [In this hot, desolate timeglass I met this man, wearing a worn old flyer's cap. Every day he had to dig 10 feet down for his daily ration of water - one poor gallon. And so he did - singing while doing it!]10 feet of sand for the thirst But he gave me half of what he was given for a day All for thirst and sanity use While we use up hundred times more: What do we do with it? Pipes and bathtubs, sprinklers and fountains! Freshwater used as a dump for oil and nuclear waste! "Desert people turns humble" he said They know what they have But do they know what they lose when we flush? [But yet, sadly, he looked up to me. Felt a need for our greed: our "freedom". Said all he really wanted was a car and a radio. He too failed to see the relation ...between our lives...and his starvation]Water's for the chosen Water's for the few Life is for the chosen But only if we believe it to be true...but we do! (But I'm through!) I've always loved the sound of rain...
Pain Of Salvation Water

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