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We Got This [Alternative Lyrics]

[Verse 1: Big L]
I'm comin through ya'll, with the Glock buckin'
Your whole block duckin'
Every bitch that I'm fuckin' with now is cock suckin'
It's like I'm allergic to not fuckin'
Ya'll niggas is faggots like Rock Hudson
And Boy George
I destroy frauds with one verse
Nigga, we can knuckle up or we can let the guns burst
L is the type to murder your sons first
To get my point across
Since ya'll wanna chitty-chat with the coppers, ya'll might as well join the force
Where I'm from, believe me, snitches get killed
Niggas be hustlin' daily, tryin' to fuck more bitches than Wilt
Takin' pictures in silk, gator'd up
Passport dated up, hair braided up
I fucked your bitch, but I ain't rape the slut, she gave it up
I'm runnin' wit' Cheeks, he runnin wit' me
We runnin' together
We get drunk and blunted together, but don't front
The guns is under the leather
Ready to ill, ready to kill, ready to peel
Steppin' to Corle, you betta be real
Cause none of my niggas be lettin' me chill
My crew be deliverin' hot lead, when gats are clenched
Rappers I jack and lynch
Nobody can fuck with the way I been killin' up shit at rap events
It's like as soon as I pick up a mic and start flowin' the people yell
I'm rugged as hell, brothas can tell
That none of you niggas is fuckin' wit' L
When I'm that nigga you expect to catch wreck on any cassette deck
I'm so ahead of my time my parent's haven't met yet

[Hook: Mr. Cheeks]
Hittin' niggas with the real rap, remedy
Remember the real niggas from the NY
Me and my men high
Stay with cash, bring nothin' but the hotness
Ya'll niggas chill kid, we got this
Hittin' niggas with the remedy
Remember the real niggas from the NY

[Verse 2: Big L]
Yo, where I'm from, dudes get sliced
Cause crews is trife
And you might loose your life for your jewels and ice
I'ma slide to the 'tely and abuse your wife
If I got one rubber, I'ma use it twice
I give young fools advice about the rules of heist
When I rock gators, hoes be like "Them shoes is nice!"
Dimes I'm willin' to hit, I stay drillin' a chick
They all know I ain't shit, but they still on my dick
And I never walk the streets without the vest and the chrome
Cause all my jewels be Rocky like Sylvester Stallone
I'll blast the TEC at your dome and leave you restin' alone
Go home and puff a fat bag of ses' 'til I'm gone
You got this nigga frontin' like he the main event
When his album ain't even last long, it came and went
I'm like Gotti to him, I throw the shotty to him
Niggas don't want it wit' L
They be like "Anybody but him!"


We got this shit on lock
You know me, I be up on Big L's block
One-three-to the nine, kid
We be hangin with my niggas
Every day I want the ex-po
Yo, do a show Uptown, Boogie Down
Back to Queens, be the same ro

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