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(What is your favorite)
One thing's for certain (Flower?)
This thing isn't working (I wanna know)
Let's be here in person
(What is)
It's always the same (Your favorite)
How you been? You been great (Flower?)
I'm not gettin' through to you (I wanna know)
I wanna get through to you
(What is)
Hold up, wait (Your favorite)
Dopamine, serenade (Flower?)
Games that we play, don't correlate with the things that we say (I wanna know)
(What is)
Don't wanna get caught up (Your favorite)
Lookin' at your skin (Flower?)
And don't you go get caught up (I wanna know)
In that spiderweb
What kind of person would I be (What is)
If I let you drive hours here for me? (Your favorite)
If I lеt you drive hours here for mе? (Flower?)
If I let you drive hours here for me? (I wanna know)

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Date Added: 2022-05-13
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