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What's A Conscience?

[Verse 1]

What's a conscience?
I remember when I wanted the bomb Benz
Me and mom never looked through the same lens
I ain't a college nigga I don't really follow trends
Then she say how you spect to get the gems
Mother I'll be making them
She don't even like that I take bud to the brain stem
I can't wait blossom out of the thumb
Spitting colorful words thought they was phlegm
Shit I wasn't made for them
I was made by some alien technology
I told my mom I don't fuck with theology
I just read stories of pure comedy
Had to take a sec like an apostrophe
I always lived in a cave of modesty
Me getting this far is an anomaly
Autocracy and bureaucracy together is hypocrisy
Living life on an unknown velocity
Smoke and pop pills responsibly
Life for my niggas a monopoly
I made it here damn near impossibly
I know my minority has a lot of viscosity
We gotta get out of this monstrosity
Just follow me

Experimental simile
I'm like a God and that's put simply
I wasn't given anything in my heredity
Just this brown skin that ain't protected [2x]
That ain't protected

[Verse 2]

What's a conscience
Do a tab you lose cents in your piggy bank but I'd like to thank
No one except my brother and my mothers to be frank
Shit you don't need to look like you slaved for it
Don't need to look like you're a slave for it
A colored star that killed Dave for it
Niggas wondering why I flex
Gotta show them who next
Take in the fumes of the Pyrex
Fucking rats like some hyrax
Need a extermination
Need a rat castration
Get them out the nation
Nigga tried to keep the blunt out the rotation
The fuck you thought this was a donation
Now you and I can no longer have relation
Ain't the type to throw accusations
But you still a combination of a bitch
I have this rap game in domination
But I still made my own allocation
You're a fabrication of an emulation
There isn't an administration to prove authentication



Lose my conscience when I'm gone
Shit what am I on?
What am I on?
Grown candy for pain
Something stronger for the rain
For the rain
Need something to heal this pain

I'm likened to Satan and that's word to Mr. Hyde
I'm also like a god no face we just need to hide bodies
I never like my music being called fire because I was born in a burning house
Mother barely had enough with one mouth to feed
Even the doctors said I couldn't feed on her breast
I'm finally getting recognized from having my name asked constantly
With all the shit I been through I think I'm a juggernaut
Now I got the mean threads with a whole bunch of polka dots
Will I live to see the great forty seven probably not
But I'll represent forty seven until my blood clots
Till my blood clots

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