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When We Only Have Love

Quand on n'a que l'amourA s'offrir en partageAu jour du grand voyageQu'est notre grand amourWhen we only have loveA offer in shareOn the day of the great journeyThat is our great loveQuand on n'a que l'amourMon amour toi et moiPour qu'éclatent de joieChaque heure et chaque jourWhen we only have loveMy love you and meTo burst in joyEvery hour and every dayQuand on n'a que l'amourPour vivre nos promessesSans nulle autre richesseQue d'y croire toujoursWhen you only have loveTo live our promisesWithout any other wealthThat believe it alwaysQuand on n'a que l'amourPour meubler de merveillesEt couvrir de soleilLa laideur des faubourgsWhen we only have loveTo furnish with marvelsAnd cover with sunThe ugliness of the suburbsQuand on n'a que l'amourPour unique raisonPour unique chansonEt unique secoursWhen we only have loveAs unique reasonAs unique songAnd unique assistanceQuand on n'a que l'amourPour habiller matinPauvres et malandrinsDe manteaux de velours[When We Only Have Love lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]When we only have loveTo dress in the morningPoors and small banditsWith velvet coatsQuand on n'a que l'amourA offrir en prièrePour les mots de la terreEn simple troubadourWhen we only have loveTo offer in prayerFor the sickness of the worldAs simple troubadourQuand on n'a que l'amourA offrir à ceuxDont l'unique combatEst de chercher le jourWhen we only have loveTo offer at thoseWhose unique fightIs to look for the dayQuand on n'a que l'amourPour tracer un cheminEt forcer le destinÀ chaque carrefourWhen we only have loveTo trace a pathAnd force the destinyAt every crossroadQuand on n'a que l'amourPour parler aux canonsEt rien qu'une chansonPour convaincre un tambourWhen we only have loveTo speak to cannonsAnd only a songTo convice a drummerAlors sans avoir rienQue la force d'aimerNous aurons dans nos mainsAmis le monde entier.Then without having a thingBeside the strenght to loveWe'll have in our handsFriends all the world

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