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Where My Money At

[Chorus:] [x8]
All I wanna know where my money at

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, got rid of my last bitch, now I’m sucker free
She got to pay me for the penis, I don’t fuck for free
Handle me like I’m fragile, woman stop touching me
You just a slim jim, you wouldn’t even lunge for me
The same nigga everybody say would never shine
Like he'll do it every nine and it’s all the time
You got a problem with me, nigga you better fall in line
You got so much bigness, then why the fuck you all up in mine
Push a button, then am rolling, I don’t need a key
I want this and though it’s bad, I don’t even need to see defeat
Bitch I'm a dog, you ain’t even much a flea to me
Don’t get it twisted, Tikit Williams is OG to me

[Chorus] [x8]

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, too much money is in my pocket, know I’m back at the bank
As if they got a lot to count, am go relax at the bank
Hood nigga, damn right, I pack my strap in the bag
But they don't rob and chase whenever Joseph Mack in the bank
Am from the wisher nigga woods, So I wish a nigga would
Knock his ass out he wake up and say bitch that nigga good
But non-violent, non- violent, that’s the way to be
Slapping the shit out of somebody, that every day for me
If you ain’t talking about my money shut the fuck up
So pay me what you want me, your day, they go give you a touch up
Don’t make me send them people to your momma house
Five thousand, that's enough for me to take your momma “ide”..hahaha

[Chorus] [x8]

[Verse 3:]
All eyes on me like i'm 2pac in this bitch
Can’t see him looking at me, i'm busy shopping and shit
Necklace look like a bunch of buggers, all the rocks in this bitch
I get it cracking good, niggas get it popping and shit
Look at the money, ain’t right, I ain’t getting out the car
They can tell you club up, but you can get it out the park
I’m a hood nigga homie, am just living like a star
Yeah the noodle say Ramon but the watch say Audemar
This morning I was bored as fuck, so I went and bought a car
This evening i’m bored as fuck, so I think Imma start a war
You bet not be in this club tipping, where my change homie
Fuck throwing my money, get them bitches make it rain on me..Yeah

[Chorus] [x8]

[Verse 4:]
Hahaha. that’s all I want to know my nigga
Is where my mother fucking money at
You bet not be in this mother fucking club trying to make it rain nigga
Cause I’m gonna make your mother fucking face break
Run me my mother fucking bread dog
Real top, made me coming outside, coming out the back door
Cause you know am in the front
Ride down the street with your home boy
Cause am looking for your car
You dig?
Fuck them with a whole nother bitch
Cause I’m at your baby mother house nigga
Every time you turn around imma right there
Hand me my mother fucking money dog
Beat your bitch ass up

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