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Where They At

Huh, gang

They be like, "Where all the killers?" (Where?)
Shit, I'm where they at (Shit, I'm where they at)
They be like, "They outside" (Where?)
Shit, where they at? (Shit, where they at?)
Damn, them niggas dead (They dead)
I swear, it's a fact (I swear, it's a fact)
Nigga, don't play with me (Uh)
'Cause I get 'em whacked (Boom)
[Verse 1]
Blick, baow (Baow), I got this blood on me (I got this blood on me)
Pleasе don't run up on me (Please don't do that)
This Glock got a cooling kit
Eyеs on my pointer, I know who to hit
Bitch, you know I'm on point, I don't do attempts (I don't do that)
Nigga, all of my houses got cameras on it
Got shooters inside, that's family, homie
I ain't gon' pick and choose, most of these rappers untold
Bitches can't play, like I ain't have nothin' to lose
I was outside in that cold, sellin' that dog food
You don't know nothin' 'bout the hustle
You don't know nothin' 'bout the struggle
I was outside, fifteen with a Carti
I was in the store low, just me and my brother
Tragic, last out, boy, this shit can get ugly
Hoes be sayin' I'm sexy (Yo)
But this shit can get ugly (This shit can get ugly)
Beamer, next for my sexy (Uh-uh)
'Cause we don't like nothin' (We don't like nothin')
Rob these niggas on sight (I get 'em)
Bitch, we'll spend nothin', it's wisdom (We don't spend shit)
Hoes be sayin' I'm sexy (Uh-uh)
But this shit can get ugly fast
Hoes be settin' these niggas up
Bitch, don't play, I'll put a bitch up
Bitch, I don't think with my dick, I go with my move
If I send somethin', you can get stuck (Bang)
Y'all know the way around town
Bitch, you know how I get down
Every Glock here for extentions
Please don't put me on mentions
Lil' bitty next nigga missing (Gang)
They be like, "Where all the killers?" (Where?)

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