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Whisky In The Jar

As i was going overThe Kork and Kerry mountainsI saw Captain FarrellAnd his money he was countingI first produced my pistolAnd then produced my rapierI said "Stand and deliverOr the devil he may take you"I took all of his moneyAnd it was a pretty pennyI took all of his money andI brought it home to MollyShe swore that she'd love meNo Never would she leave meBut the devil take that womanFor you know she treat me easyChorus:Mush a ring a dum a doo dum a daWhack for my daddy'oWhack for my daddy'o, there's[Whisky In The Jar lyrics on]Whisky in the jar, oBeing drunk and wearyI went to Molly's chamberTaking my Molly with meAnd i never knew the dangerFor about six or maybe sevenIn walked Captain FarrellI jumped up, fired off my pistolsAnd i shot him with both barrelsChorusNow some men like the fishingAnd some men like fowlingAnd some men like to hearto hear - The cannonballs are roaringMe - I like sleepingSpecially in my Molly's chamberBut here i am in prison,Here i am with a ball and chain, yeahChorus

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