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Who Da Neighbors

my mansion sittin on 40 acres
who da neighbors
Kobe Bryant from the lakers
Now that's paper
Kobe Bryant from the lakers
Now that's paper

big cribs lot of cars and enormous prices
aint gon tell you what i spent but my blood might
Get money Get pussy smoking weed forever Rub that money in my palms cause it breathe better
hole real estate came with a lot of zeros (how you do that Mane?)
sold to a lot of people over 30 million sold that’s a lot of people
now i gottta big crib that fit a lot of people


straight from the projects now i ride maserati
the life of a Mob nigga i think i'm John Gotti
bank statement proof i buy what i chose
i take 4o racks i throw it out and i am cool
got all these thirsty bitches think im gon pay em
this dick you can but money you gets nane (none)
no need for wristbands the owner know who i am 10 bottles of rosay two models on both hands.....


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