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Whole lotta

Whole lotta' money whole lottta' guns
Whole lotta' money whole lotta' guns
Whole lotta' money whole lotta' guns
All we do is shoot guns for fun

Whole lotta' money, whole lotta' guns
Whole lotta' choppers with them drums
New crib new car, brand new fronts
I got my money up AK-47 split your tummy up
We get money bruh, all them niggas looking bummy bruh
What the fuck, pull up in a panorama , gucci bandana
Whole lotta' motherfucking racks, they like I dare him
I got 30 k in my robin jeans , with that ruger
Automatic uzi toting guns and I'm toting em cooler
50 k one day flexing versace medusa
Clip up, in my pocket as long as a ruler
Ak 47 mac eleven bruh I dare to blast it
Make a nigga dissapear, like I know magic
Damn it its tragic, sipping and whipping I blast it
Putting your bodies in caskets
Soulja boy tell em, all about racks
Grind for holics trap-a-holic I got you some K in the back
Running in do's like a replay, I run em for flat


[Verse 2]
Whole lotta' punds whole lotta' O's
Whole lotta' cars that I closed
Im a young rich nigga so im riding around doing a whole lotta' shows
Got a whole lotta' chains, whole lotta' rings whole lotta' gold
Whole lotta' pots, whole lotta' guns, whole lotta' holes
Whole lotta' O's sold at the show with the fo', kick in ya motherfucking do'
Everybody on the flo', M16'll make a whole lotta' hoes
Calleda t the jewler, bring a whole lotta' mo'
We got a lil' gold, we gon' get alot of mo'
50 on the flo' by the air 50 mo', hundred k man this is how we roll
Shoutout to the squad shoutout to the game yeah we all on a roll
And my shooters on go, got stacks on deck
Got money infront of me, and in the right in the left
Riding in the jet, flex and finesse with a chick
Riding around with a cuban on my neck
Ywah you know, all my niggas are into the shit
Got a whole lotta' hoes got a whole lotta' shoes got a whole lotta' everything
Got a whole lotta' lean got a whole lotta' molly got a whole lotta' mary jane


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