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Build the dyke the waters rising close the door the wind is howling
And the temperature is falling wintertime has come
Gather food the cupboards empty tho the rich folk all have plenty
To their world there is no entry hungertime has come

Light your fire the cold is creeping soon you'll hear the sound of weeping
Where the homeless men are sleeping dying time has come
Long dark nights are often endless waiting for a word of kindness
For the lonely and the friendless lonesome time has come

Winter is here and the cold is all around and you can't plant wishes in the frozen ground

Ancient bones are oh so fragile ancient limbs are not so agile
Helping hand is what they're needing aging time has come
don't built shelters from the nighttime give them pride now is the right time
Home has not a homeless lifetime giving time has come

Feed the hungry the people do not heed your church and steeple
For your care there is no equal caring time has come
Shine a light the night has fallen in the dark there's someone calling
For a friend until the morning friendship time has come

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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