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Wise And Holy Woman

Letra de Wise and Holy Woman :
I met a wise and holy woman near the town where I was walkin'

We both sat together down below the Yellow Furze

She closed her eyes and started singing

A song about the light that shines and the wonders of the world

She sang of the forests on the high high mountain

The pure clear water and the fresh air we breathe

Of the bounty we gain from natures abundance

And how the mighty oak tree grows from a little seed

She had an everlasting notion

The wise and holy woman had a neverending dream

As she called out to the stars glistening on the ocean

Shine a light , shine a light on me

She sang a song from the streets of San Paolo

For the homeless street children who never learned to smile

She sang of the shrine they built to Chico Mendez

Where the plantation workers laid his body in the soil

She sang of the greed we display before our altars

The oil soaked cormorant drowning in the tide

She sang of the halting site way out beyond Clondalkin

Where Ann Maughan froze to death between the dump and the railway line


(outro versesame shape and melody as chorus)
She sang of the eagle flying high above the mountain

The otter that swam through rivers and streams

Of the lilies that bloomed and the countless wild flowers

...and the rainbow that rose in the valley of tears

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