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Work It Out

Yo, check this here There's nothing that I'd rather dothen spend this time with U. So why don't we just chill and make a cold cold sexy. U know U sure lookin'right Spend some quality time U make me wanns cha, cha, cha, ah, cha, cha....... Yeah right there, jus' keep it right there And I know you're gonna like it Ooh baby, U sure love to.... Know what I'm sayin' Nah, nah, nah, nah, nahVerse1 We been hang out every day this week How 'bout'a n....fix U somthing to eat And just chill We anit gotta wild out just chill Parlay little momma right here Sippin' on chardonnay Slip on that Vicki Secret lingerie 'Cause I anit tryin' to throw my money away (in the streets) If I can see U twork it out for meChorus Tworkin' it out Laying in the cut Kissing rubbing and making sweet love Dame the club tonight Lets twork it out It'll be just me on U from 11 to 6 in the morning[Work It Out lyrics on] I know U like it when I do U like that Let's tork it outVerse2 Now that I got U all soakin' wet I bet U know what's commin' next I'm gonna twork U out Aw baby let me tell U how What U think about me Tworkin' U from your front to your backend Kick back in relax come sit up on my lap shorty Tonight I'm takin' U all the way Wont stop till U scream my nameChorus 2x Bridge Moring is coming and I don't want to let U go Let's just lay here in this bed of red rose petals I know that we're spent but One kiss can make this start all over again If U want it baby come with meVerse3 It's way too treal The way U making me feel The way you're tworkin' is oh so sexy Ooh baby U sure love to ball It's way too treal The way you're tworkin' is oh so sexy Ooh baby U sure love to ballChorus- Ad Libs

Date Added: 2007-07-25
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