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I mean fo’ real, man These rap niggas are un-fuckin’-believable

(Verse 1)
I’m so sick of these rappers sayn they’re gonna kill somethin’
They got me tuned in
Niggas betta off ridin’ round with that rich bitch in that new Benz
I been lookin’ and listenin’ fo’ the sneak dissin’, just payn attention
Me, I fuckin’ marinate in this kitchen
And I got a closet full of ammunition
Shoot a nigga face off, nigga, we can Face-Off
Skinny nigga, but I’ll knock a nigga clean out
I just seen a toddler shot up with a choppa, nigga
What the fuck you think I dream bout?
And i got a potna that likely dress proper Ready?
Gon’ rob you, soon you'll leave out
Emma about to text Flex tell him I got next
And I ain't been on tour, i been in the projects
I’mma get my money regardless
I’m fuckin’ the trap up, I’m being honest
I save some tears for you niggas careers
You know these niggas still remember when I cry
Bricks payed off, my bankruptcy hit the federal pen went and did my time
Came home and I want a new McLaren
So I gotta go and get a whole lotta heroin
And I know that these whit folks strain’
But I'm still selling dope not caring
And I’m still sendin’ pounds, we sharin’
And I’m still fuckin’ good on ?????
And it’s nobody I’m sparing It’s not a good look when people lookin’ like what the fuck was that?!

(Hook x2)
What the fuck was that?
I don’t want the shit, now where my money at
I ain’t come for this, I’m not comin’ back

(Verse 2)

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