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WTF remix

Y'all know how we do it
Everyday stuntin', got these hoes
Got these niggas sayn what the fuck
When all the fans should be pullin' up
Right here, nigga, y'all know what it is

[Hook x2:]
Pull up in that WTF
Smokin' on that WTF
My bitch thick like WTF
Goons shootin' that WTF
Pockets swoll like WTF
W T F like WTF

[Verse 1:]
I pull up on a bitch WTF like BB
You know I'm a bang WTF like Chief Keef
Brand new 911 WTF that GT
Just took the top off WTF like RiRi
My niggas with me, they strapped up
I fit the cal, no act up
Stick to the script and get clapped up
Bang, director's cut
My closet a fashion show
I stay with some London and Paris hoes
Blowin' coke in each of their pussies
Not pressin' my winter coat
Timidatin' [?] I just keep blowin', blowin' up
Pound after pound I just keep rollin' and smokin' up
My bitch so gangsta I just bought her, bought her a roogah
11k for her bag just to carry her pool-up

[Hook x2:]

[Verse 2 - Joker B:]
W T F, I'm still ridin' that WTF
Got Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup
And we all blowin' on power puff
Took 2 hits, now I'm powered up
Knock the pussy up, that's an upper cut
Cause I'm shittin' on em, bubble guns
Pull up on a ball with a burner in my passenger
Ready to burn a k
We bump like some cars in the corner
But we in the [?]
Ho, wtf, these hoes are not rummy, so I do not taste em
I'm goin' my vibe, I need to slow down, I think I'm speed racin'
When I pull up, flexin' on em, pull up
Shittin' on em, pull up
So much the beat, cause I got the hook up
I am so plot boy, these niggas should look up
Change you see babblin' when it's that hook up

[Hook x2:]

[Verse 3 - Yung 2:]
My engine in the trunk, my trunk is in my front
I'm pullin' up, smokey, what the fuck
Pepé Le Pew the skunk, she said she buy
Said she gather her friends, I hit her 2 for 1
And we gon' kick it like Karate Kid, and I am Daniel San
I pull up in foreign, you niggas is boring
I'm slowin' like ZZZZ
These niggas is watchin' my life like TV
They wishin' that they could be me
What the fuck you doin' fuckin' up wrong place?!
Nigga, ya know that bless on me
Shawty got ass like what the fuck
[?] sit it out on me
Boyfriend trippin' ya didn't call on me
I'm a show ya what the fuck, got you talkin' that peep
Got yo exes hunnin' with the basketball season
100.000 dolla nigga and I got it off the streets
Yeah! Come out, these niggas sackin', life's got it pimpin'
I pull up in that wtf and that bowl limpin'

[Hook x2:]

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