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Yes I'm Quiccer

Smash you not im everythiing you not
Le-le-let d party poppin
On the booz, two step
In the party, in the house[x4]
Yea dese niggas say they wanna see me on d mic right
Yea, got Daz on d table punk
Please Writers only, we gon’ smash on dese bustaz
Yea, who wanna see me on d mic?
Yea im gona serve these niggas just calm down
An watch this shit look
Posess it a few times, persistence is a must
Who do I trust-me mothafucka
That’s it, that’s all no more talk, no more rap nigga jus like dat
When seeds get barricaded, persuaded
To get but naked an run roun neckless
I’m pure, I’m more than fo’ sure
I quake ship here an bring it to d shore
To d more, fucka, I’m tha red thorn
I’m wit tiger, rider, part 2 part 4
Dillinge, Young Gotti, part 1 part 2
D next segment nigga part 3 part 4
We at d end nigga what d fuck you start for
We piranha, we like to find like eels
Off marriage a juana shootin iguanas
Look, microphones ain’t allowed here nigga
Told you punk ass don’t come out here nigga
I’m bout to take everything ya own
I’m a cobra, talkin bout d cobra soldier
Ima separate yo soldiers an fire yo dome
Ima show you everythang that I’m ridin fo’
Precision,Man I’m so precise, I’m tha universe, everythang lies in I
Give respect off a technicality, airtakin like germs an allergies
Effervescent pure poetry, cataclysmic, I stay in yo system
Cold virus, fumming occu vitis, effective like malaria an laryngitis
Turn dat bitch ass nigga throw shit bias
Most a dese poetry observers biased or most schools like UCLA an Titus
Egmen, I got problems Gotti peshy, one to da middle an one to da top
Niggas come in an stand in an stop, an dat’s when we stop an sang dis top

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