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You Ain't Really Down

Huh, huh, huh, huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
Huh, huh, huh, huh

Yo, I walk on the block right by these thugs
Like LL, "I Need Love"
So fresh so clean keep my hygeine up
Fly clean cut, no Visine, what?
Red-ass eyes, veg' past five
Catch niggas like hot webs catch flies
I got a plan for, cops who see me
Try to lock me, I'm Houdini
Got the weed spot, locked completely
Keep the gravy, nice and creamy
Riunite and a little bit of Henny
Do my friends dirty just to get a penny
Do your men dirty just to get your hens
Do my girl dirty just to get her friend
I did the scam with my fam my man I got rich
Like John Gotti, boy got pinched
Due to that we fuck like Wilt Chamberlain
Don't blame me, blame the game we in

[Hook - sung]
You ain't really down, playin the game you do
I said, you ain't really down, your love was never true

Yo, sucker MC's perpetratin a fraud
Front like they down but be hatin the cause
Wanna be me, wanna play in my drawers
Read my black book, start datin my broads
Waitin to floss, you gotta stay goofy
Gucci, make coochie
Keep up the front while I make your girl wiggle it
'til she pull a ligament, I'm ignorant as hell
Uptight, way out of my mind and self-centered
Beef? You'll need a forklift to help him up
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Like me, they know the time like Big Ben
Kingpin at it again with a pad and a pen
Get your gat and your vest and let's roll
Get your hat and your coat and let's go
Like Eddie Murphy, I run the "Metro"


Yo, shots on target, open up the market
Bomb your apartment, walk it like I bark it
Take you in the crib with some sharp shit
If you drivin a car, you better park it
I'm a star kid, women stalkin
She ain't fuckin? Then I'm walkin
Got a boyfriend? Shoulda called him
I'm on that tape you got playin in your Walkman
Rhymin, dinin, I shine on interviews
I'm more fine and I rhyme more syllables
Iller with the rhyme and my time's more critical
Just in my prime now I'm more physical
Keep this hip-hop real like a cult
Make this paper turn green like The Hulk
Thirsty niggas don't sip, we like to gulp
And there's a couple of chicks out here I'd like to UHH


[ad libs of Hook to end]

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