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You Just Don't Care

I told you
YouÚFFFF92d have to leave
And you listened with a cryin stare.
Now youÚFFFF92ve got the nerve
To tell me baby
Yeah, Yeah, a no, no
You don't care
You just donÚFFFF92t care baby.
Turns back at the sight of you
And your evil only clouds the air.

You you just laugh at what you do.
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hum
Now you donÚFFFF92t care.
You donÚFFFF92t care for me.

Your feelings smashed
Now youÚFFFF92re leaving to find
Someone whoÚFFFF92ll dare
To change all the wrong
Like you done to me
Hey, Hey, Hey, No, No
You donÚFFFFEDt care.
Hey, Hey, Hey, you donÚFFFF92t care.
Santana You Just Don't Care

Date Added: 2007-10-24
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