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Young Nigga

When I was young, I had the nuts to pull the trigga
And make change, outta five dollar ass niggaz
I was a nerd in middle school
But by the tenth grade, I was playing in a game that had only four rules

Kill or be killed, try not to go to the pen
Never rat on nobody, and you can't even trust your best friend
Fifteen and five, were the numbers in the kitchen
And the day I sold my first ounce, wanted rich high school ain't seen me since then
A long way, from making the honor roll
Mo City Texas everybody had a weapon, you had to stay up on your toes
Drinking forty ounces of brew, and smoking fry
You ain't from around here, better get gone or be the next to die
Even though my hood ain't a ghetto, ain't nothing friendly here
The CPS thought they did me a favor, when they sent me here
It wasn't nothing but high class hookers, and murderers
And Houston hardhead, kickdo' burglar
A two room duplex, with eleven of us living in it
Thought we were players, so we kept some mo' of women in it
To see if we could run a train on em
Always buying new sheets, cause the old ones had too many stains on em
We use to jack, for Raiders and Kings starter jackets
Throw a broken spark plug through a car window, and then flag it
Snatching Rolexes and purses, coming up nonstop
Property from home invasions, ended up in pawn shops
Taking penitentiary chances, but having fun nigga
Back in the old school, as a young nigga
Huh yeah, as a young nigga
Back in the old school, as a young nigga

[Chorus - 2x]
When I was young, I had the nuts to pull the trigger
Sometimes, I sit and wish I was a kid again
When I was young, I had the nuts to pull the trigger
Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore

So now I'm living, in a two man hell
23 hour lockdown, in a two man cell
Stuck in the system and one day home, I hope I'll get to go
Meanwhile, they talking about shipping me off to Mexico
Ain't that a bitch, I can't speak no Spanish
But I guess I shoulda thought about that, when I was out there living manish
Too busy missing, what grandmother was telling me
I'll end up in prison, or somebody would end up smelling me
They say you reap what you sew, and that's the truth
I planted a rotten seed, and it brought forth forbidden fruit
Now I'm like Adam and Eve
They took a bite of what ain't right, that was enough for Eve and Adam to leave
I use to roll around the city, with my hand on my mack
Now it's a guard telling me, to put my hands behind my back
This can't be life I'm grown, I don't do rules
Knowing damn well if I was free, I woulda smoked you fool
But that's the same attitude, that got me here
Picked up for armed robbery, and then a blue bird dropped me here
If I was sober, I woulda been in my right mind
Ninety months already, but I'm looking at a lifetime
And all the homies I ran with, they passed on
Living like they were invincible, they didn't last long
And I ain't doing no better, than my friends
If I don't make parole, I'll never lay my hands on a woman again
I'm almost done nigga
If only I could back in time, I'd do it different as a young nigga
Huh yeah, as a young nigga
I'd do it different, as a young nigga

[Chorus - 2x]

In the beginning I was skinny, but now I'm on swoll
57 years old, still waiting on parole
Damn near ready to catch a case, I know I'm never gon' leave
The walls are closing in on me, and it's harder to breathe
I never been to visitation, since I been here
The players I kicked it with, did their time and left me in here
I'm old but taking my commissary, ya'll won't do to me
I'm good with them hands, but I'm not as young as I use to be
So I keep a lock in a sock, and a shank under my mattress
These youngsters trying to get me, for my coffee stamps and jack mack
My teenage years, I was pulling robberies
Now I'm up in age, and I can't stop these teenagers from robbing me
I guess the tables have turned
They triple teaming me but the CO ain't concerned, my lesson is learn
But uh, I ain't never been a coward
So the next time they got me, I got my shank and started downing em in the shower
I ain't the one nigga
But even still I was murdered in the prison system, at the hands of some young niggaz
We need to stop acting like dumb niggaz
So we can raise our daughters, and our sons nigga

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