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Your Rockin' Chair

A gamblin' man was dealin'
I drew a jack a' spades
A-way down in the swamp somewhere
Deep in the Everglades
The candle on the table
Lit up your face and hair
I lost it at the game but then
I won your rockin' chair

Your rockin' chair
Your rockin' chair
Now, I can hear the creakin'
The sound there on the floor
The way ya rock that chair with me
Just makes me want some more
The legs are carved and slender
The seat is soft as snow
And when we get to sittin' down
It's back and forth we go
Chorus repeat
Now other chairs I sat in
May I pay you regard
None never fit me quite as snug
Or rocked me quite as hard
Now when you think of sittin' down
In some new rockin' chair
No other one's in mind but yours
And nothin' will compare

So now the night is darker
Don't know what's 'round the bend
I'm back there at the table
And I'm losin' once again
The years go by like lightnin'
A year seems like a week
But I still every night think of
Rockin' there in your seat
Chorus repeat
The way you move in moonlight
Yeah, you always took me in
The wind blow through your curtains
And the way ya burned the gin
And then you'd start to dancin'
Hear the music from the shore
You'd pull out that old rockin' chair
And rock me on the floor
I wake up in the mornin'
Here in this vacant lot
That bottle in my hand
So I just took another shot
Sometimes in life a hand is dealt
That you don't think is fair
But you can fold, or maybe bluff
Or ride that rockin' chair
Chorus repeat x2

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