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Youthemisms v2

[Verse 1]

This boy been chasing a pipe dream
Shoulda been slaving for a Tri scheme
Fuck these niggas I just fuck with my team
Kill a bitch with a David Bowie knife for the blood stream
My people have never been a paradigm
But shit I've always seen a pair of dimes
I think I was made for these pair of rhymes
Pick them up cause I save every cent
Hand glide into a pool full of misery
Baby girl look at me
I never had a relationship just fell in love once or twice
No maybe thrice but whatever it just added a vice
Shit I know I can be real nice
I know as a person I'm frightening
Mixture of brown but out shined by the whitening
In trouble during school cause my mind was jittery
Now I'm all calm from the drug synergy
My victory is gonna be a mystery
Shoot my conscious with artillery
Transmit my thoughts through the auxiliary
Saying you a real one I smell some fishery
Put these fucking fat pigs on a rotisserie
White kids like I ain't racist
I'm just bad with faces
And I'm color blind so you look all the same to me
I just said that to all the minority's oh gee
Man being from here is the bees knees
They don't kill you if you on a crime spree
Spit the fire better than your fav emcee
Try to commit suicide but hit the marquee
The archduke I body these niggas like Jabari
Can't feed ya self nigga that ain't on me
Niggas conning these EBTs
Education ain't shit
They want us to think outside the box while we're in it
I should lose my mind every time I'm caught sinning

[Verse 2]

But I'm the antichrist
The real one I spit on the corpus
Give the unemployed pastors a purpose
My nigga I'm wise as a tortoise
I'm stoned like I was hit by rigor mortis
I remember the depression
That's for another legend
I had to try to clean the dredge and
I did but I guess it just went out for errands
Infinitely better than you like a gerund
My mood still be so errant
And it's apparent I don't have support from parents
Or I don't know my thoughts are never transparent
For all these years of high school I've been the most aberrant
Let the ignorant be the adherent
My mind it hooked into an electric current
I thought you was real but you weren't
Shit that left my heart real burnt
Scattered mind is just recurrent
Mind is smooth as an ocean wave
I'm a top dawg my music free call Dave
Ain't no nigga where I'm from been this brave
Man I can't wait to be the rave
So many flowers for my grandfathers grave
Just to kill all the cancer on this earth what I crave
It's been awhile I should shave
I shit in the nave
I survived because I was a knave
Far from a snake just a slave
Sterilize my mouth with an auto clave
My own room an enclave
Nuke a mind with a microwave
Or if he gay or think different hit him with a shockwave
What I deserve when I misbehave
I'm above the count like a margrave
Let my lungs collapse as I'm depraved

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