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China Doll

And... my heart
Running on a... rivierance
I've been because I'm gone
In the flash of... your pretty cameras,
Pretty cameras, pretty cameras
Am I glamorous, tell me am I glamorous

Hello hello!
Can you hear me?
I can be your china doll
If you wanna see me fall
... you're so doll, your love is deadly
Tell me life is beautiful they all say I have it all
I'm nothing without you
All my dreams are...
Nothing without you

Sometimes nice and...
In my life... for is
Come civilize my world
Burn into my brain... images
... images stolen images
... what in lfie we could've lived


... two kids just tryin to get out
... I feel american dream
... is it loud
When we... nothing is what it seems

I'm nothing if I can't have you

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