Wiz Khalifa - Hustlin Lyrics


If I said it I meant it nigga'.
We all in.
Hahaha, everything's Taylor.
And fuck it, we ain't gotta go to the store no more.
I got my own papers baby girl, finnin' get my own weed too.
Get you a pound, let you roll that shit.

Goin' In:
I'm rollin up the windows while I'm smokin weed.
Driving through my town like I don't know the speed.
Countin' so much paper I can't fold it up.
Bad bitch, she suck me while I'm rollin' up.
Yeah bitch, you prolly see me everywhere.
Money long now, my house got tv's everywhere.
Literally everywhere you turn you see a flat screen.
New bitch, look nothing like my last fling.
Ridin' in the mazeratti nigga no shirt, niggas prolly hatin on me but it wont work. Camo shorts on like the general, mind on a meal blowin on midsonl.
I'm just a young nigga Hustlin yea.
Hustlin yea.
I'm just a young nigga Hustlin yea.
Hustlin yea.
Verse 2
Been through every nigga town never had a problem, young millionaire, never had a job though. Throw that money up and watch it hit the ground, as long as your money up she said it's going down. Brought her home girl said that she don't do friends, kicked the bitch out and make her find new friends. Should I get hella high, buy some new rims, 745 or a new Benz. I take every day and live like it's the weekend, doin it all, if you ain't ballin take a seat then. If I said it then I meant it, throw a stack at dat bitch ass let her pay her rent wit it.

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