Lloyd Banks - Rap City Freestyle Lyrics

Rap City Freestyle

(Lloyd Banks)
My flow is insane
fo' u to win u need lucky charms and leprechuan on lil' flip chain My beats go as hi as yo bimbo Cause it look like the veiw of the city out a airplane window And u know that frontin' bad fo' health cause u ain't got a yacht u got a boat u gotta paddle yo'self U kno i'm hip about hepez thats why i don't ride without a helmet cause hoes a have'll pissin' out pedez He ran and got the 6 the 22 bricks wit that 22,45,22 licks Cause my honeyz do flipz in and out of manay my huneyz do chickz all u missin is a switch a pair of fake titz and colorin on yo' lipz

(Tony Yayo)
I mastered the game til' my life was made i'm like the big joker lil' joker duece of spades Homey mama used to dry clothes on the clothesline Now the kid rich with his own clothesline F po'9 i was hit with the vo When my baby was born i couldn't cut the cord I give a rapper ten days just to live in my shoes Feel my pain, my emotion, my tears and jews I got a chick on the block squakin 62's got a bitch on the block fuckin 62 Now i'm primetime like Superbowl halftime u can catch on stage wit a diva or dime I povariz ya racial line Gangsta dog all do praise the lord my ruger is dangerous i'm loose as a rubber

(Lloyd Banks)
Now i'm the mixtape champion on rap city Now i'm on t.v. more than Janet Jackson's tities U put alot hardwork and thats a pity So if u got something to say fax it to me I got G-Unit dickies, G-Unit volures, G-Unit tanktops, G-Unit draws Now its probably movin out the G-Unit stores I got a indoor pool wit a G-Unit floor When u they like to screw u but remember i got mo' control of life than u do I send'em redheds all up in yo demin Everybody got a vest so i'm aimin fo yo lemon(ha ha)

(Tony Yayo)
The T stands fo' terrible the O stands fo' Ony add ny it'll spell out Tony don't fuck me homey yo i neva wear a stockin cap turn into a cigarette and turn into a party pack I hardly rap in battlez i wrote OH!

(No mo' freestylez fo' free baby)

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