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Wut U Gone Do Mane

Aye dis Soulja Boy mane wut u gone do
U tell me ima tell u
Wut u gone do uon even kno
Pull up on da scene 24's
Stacks on deck check my neck
Wut u gone do ima do dat
Head to to da mall den mall rims flex ridin real clean bubble out flex
I'm do dis I'm do dat
Ima get rich of makin deez tracks
Soulja boy tell em u kno my name
Aye wut dis soulja boy wut u gone do mane
U already know 2006
Talkin dat noise u gone get hit
Aye soulja boy wut r u gone do man
Yahhhh yahhh bitch

Aye mane wut u gone do
I'm gone get bathing apes aint talkin bout to zoo
Red monkey wit da bubble diamondz
Got damn soulja boy man u be shining
Yeah I got a question wut
Wut u gone do
I'm a keep rappin aint none else to do
Lets get to da money, lets get to da cake
Lets get da record for it get to late
Now u jig dis shit, mane wut u gone do
U can dance, get crunk shit wut u wanna do

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