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'98 DOMSTR Germany Freestyle

[Big L]
Check it out
It be Big L, I get hyper
I be the fresh rhyme writer
Peace to my man, DJ Schneider
And I got to say what's up to Mike, he Funky Fresh
Big L, quick to lay a punk to rest
I'm going off the top of the head, so if I fuck up, so what?
Big L, I'll put a hole in you the size of a donut
I go nut, on a ball court
Play all sports
It's Big L, I live swell
Rhyme well
Check it out, I roll with D.I.T.C
You can believe me
Chilling with the crew, it ain't easy
I'm in Germany
I'm quick to earn a G
It ain't a rapper alive that's burning me
I'm fucking up but I want you to keep it
I don't do this shit often
Put crab MCs in the coffin
I'm rhyming off this, ill shit that I'm rhyming to
It's the Big L and um, I've been dying to
Freestyle, off the top of the head
Put the Glock to your head
Squeeze off, pop-pop-pop and you're dead
I'm in Germany, kicking this shit right here
Check it out, I be the best, I swear
It's B-I, G-L, know I live swell
Ah, Casey, come in, fuck yo

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