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(Hidden Track) Skit: On The Start Line

English Translation

[Rap Monster]

Even though I'm only myself as a trainee
But I have a feeling that even myself can't describe
Where do I belong? Nowhere
I can do nothing even I'm like this

That transition period
Me myself as a trainee
Is ever the most stressful moment of my life
My relatives and friends ask
When I will debut, those questions
It's hard for me to answer
Why? Because I don't know either
I don't know the answer either

Confidence of myself
Although I'm confident from the beginning to nowadays
Will the truth waiting for me be truly different?
Now it is, after three years it is as well
I've said I will rock the gayo universe
I believe I can do that

But when PD-nims and teachers criticize on me
I feel myself as nothing at all
It is like the feeling of myself as an infinitesimal dust
It is also like there's a blue sea in front of me
But when I turn back, I can only see the isolated desert
Really, the feeling of myself as an infinitesimal dust

After all of these, I will debut soon
After I debut
There will be other seas, other deserts that are waiting for me
But, I'm not afraid at all
Clearly, those which have integrated me myself and I
Those blue seas and deserts that I've seen
I will never forget

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