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2004 (feat. Ill Bill And Goretex)

[I-Con]<br />
Apocalyptic, born to spit it<br />
Niggas thinking the Lord did it<br />
Regardless of their efforts to be the hardest, critics<br />
Y'all with it, if not my verbs spit shots<br />
Give your ass the equvalent of a stiff cock<br />
I'm still hot, despite the ice of a wrist watch<br />
Sip scotch J and B, flow type dynamite, TNT<br />
Spend grandly, with explosive<br />
Spit fire raps and holsters<br />
I make heat smolter with a quick draw<br />
Verbal four fifth y'all, contrast your raps are mere spit balls<br />
If y'all think y'all can be defenders<br />
Hit y'all with more sentences than repeat offenders<br />
Will we surrender? NO<br />
Though keep steady rocking with chances of stoppin me<br />
Lower than finding a newborn able to take sodomy calmly<br />
How do you adore me, strips some beef which informs me<br />
The fame or the army<br />
[Goretex]<br />
With bare feet I walk the desert feelig no heat<br />
Beliefs of dangers live up on the street, holding my meat<br />
Shoot up the Earth that we rejoice in prayer<br />
We never care, and groupie tours are busting enema bags and coke stares<br />
Racking mass we rock annual<br />
I'm coming out, I'm that bastard son of a shocking cannibal<br />
With mad clout, ain't no way out<br />
I think I was made to degrade you<br />
Pull your eyes brains and veins out, to watch you change you<br />
Lyrically I raised you, but I'm going to smash you for spite<br />
Bash you with mics, before the head be stashed on ice<br />
Non Phixion, Obsucre we together for war<br />
Fallout, remaining soldiers in 2004<br />
<br />
[A-Trak - turntablism]<br />
""You know the feeling when things ain't right""<br />
""When these Non Phixion niggas start to rap on the mic""<br />
""You know the motherfucking situation"" <-- GURU<br />
""Obscure"" ""Disorder""<br />
""Slapping you senseless""<br />
""You know the feeling when

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