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Maintain the Focus (Dirty)

"O.D. Representatives" [-- Logik (scratched by A-Trak)

"Okay, okay, that's enough small talk"
"It's time we got down to business"

Well I be spitting seminars
My hit repetoire inhibit y'all
To reveal, all irrelavent info
On how this guy turned nuns to nymphoes
Blunts to binbos, back to endos
And pull switch mode
Shatter your 95 windows, irregular
What you hold sacred is secular
On high grounds, my clips are emptying
Required rounds, I acquire pounds from entire
Towns and environments
Live wire men follow me 'cause I inspire them
To reach thier full potential, lyric-al manifesto
Gats are essential to live in my residential
I ain't impressed though, by your cats
There were rats than you could imagine
Dealt with it in a thug fashion
Lung collapsing, jung pasping for oxygen
I squeeze off until these frauds turn to virtu-al retards
Transexu-al cree hearts
Immediately cut they dick off
Seeing me in the nick of... time
They realize it was my time to shine

CHORUS [Logik] {Eclipse} (Science)
[Keep your voice down]
{Ayo calm down}
(Before you get virtually) [cut down]
(Besides vasectomy)
{Get a run down, from zero to sixty like on a} (five point oh)
{That shifty} (left you with a pound of cash, push on the gas and ran)
[How can it be?]
{The game ain't what it used to be
Niggas is drowning in the current but ain't trying to see
Some day some how, we get serenty now}
(What?) {Serenity now} (wha?)
"Serenity now!" [-- Frank Costanza

As I approach the new millenium, I drive hard like pentium
It's my turn to put the nod factor at a maximum
I aim platinum, but reach my people like an outbreak
Of ebola, niggas want beef like E. Coli
I tell no lie, like your empty bags of ?????
Through the days of your life
These three children brought the drama
I'm the, worst idea inside your cerebellum
Fella, you want to battle
You lack sense like Helen Keller
Better, yet I been known to move more people than a bomb threat
]From the World Trade to Nayrobi, cats they know me
Rappers remind me of ass pains without Preperation
My team gives you sensations like iritation
My dedication to this game is never shaken
But it's taken a nine to five last summer to bring the bacon
Forsaken, all MCs staking claims when they real not
We maintain the focus like a wide angle shot
Kid is hot, what!


My compulsary tactics
Y'all niggas could never fuck with my cerebral process
Professes words when I stretch
I take a breath, inhale ???? sell the rest for scientific
Flows like, water on minds
Maintain thye balance like hydraulics
I'm always on point, 5-1-4 are the co-ordinates
Self explainatory like horoscopes from pennants
Fatal executions, I face a God and death sentence
My word, team before himself, brain cells, resells my knowledge
Son, you poisonous corps, to dodge rams and survivors
And why, support of thinking the whole world up on my shoulders
Deciper my frame of mind, it's fragments forming to clusters
Brothers is still shook like aftershocks following tremors
Couldn't realize, these see they eyes on the prize
Acting like chicks in porno flicks, getting fake niggas a rise
We ruch you inside the scrimmages then we blitz like O-lines
Leaving your face green like spinach and extroverts too timid
It's like that y'all


"But I maintain my focus and hold my fort down" (scratched)
"Maintain the focus while we smoke these marijuana trees" [-- Busta

[Science] Yo, you want to battle? "okay"
{Eclipse} Dont step to O.D. though "yeah, okay"
[O.D. Maintain the focus]
{Check this out}
[A-Trak, Logik, Dave One, Eclipse, and Science
Representing one time
Break it down]

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