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2017 Grammy's Song of the Year Speech

Thank you very much. Thank you. First of all, I really do apologize for swearing. I just... this means... George Michael, I love him, it means a lot to me, so I'm really sorry if I offended anyone anywhere

Everyone, this is Greg Kurstin. Give it up for Greg Kurstin. Thank you very much for this award. Thank you to the Academy, thank you to my record labels XL and Sony, thank you to my manager, Jonathan. I always get so nervous... And I'd like to thank Greg, because Greg kept coming to England for me, to work with me. And I was really hard work this record, had a very short attention span, and he would come to me in England so that I didn't have to leave my son, and yet you would leave your son and daughter. So thank you for your patience with me and for helping to create my favorite song I've ever done. So thank you, Greg

[Greg Kurstin]
...Thank you to my mom and dad...

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