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Act V - Tears Of Sorrow

Oh yes, she was again, misery and mistery.
Yes, it was her again and this time,
I was sure about it. Yes she has struck again.
Seeing that spectacle of desolation in front of me,
The victim, his heart pulled out divoured.
Yes, it was her again and this time. I was sure about it.

My darling, my love, before no, no, no, no...

The cloakroom was not dark anymore.
Candles, were burning there, thousands of candles.
I had to stop her, I had to stop her.
Suddenly the room began to spin and became white.
My head was still spinning, my vision was still shocked.
She was waiting for me! Waiting to use, all her power...
No pain, but a terrible horror. Worse, much worse than pain.
A chasm of regret and extreme affliction
Gobbles itself up in the depths of... me.
She gently climbed up along my spine
To suck up my life in a last kiss.
Oh, yes, in a last kiss.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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