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All He Did Was Tell Me Lies

All he did was tell me lies
To try to woo me
If sweet talk was a game
He could win a prize
He never meant to stay
How could he do it to me
(And everybody thinks I was fool
To listen to his run-around lie)

He thought he was a big shot
With the ladies I put him down
And it took him by surprise
That a girl like me
Could fall in love so easily
Now everbody says
He's just a no-good at least, everybody but me

(Repeat *)

Now the king of love
Has won the final inning
Oh he made his move
And he played his game so well
But later on will be think of me
When his castle walls get cold
Will he care to call
Will he care at all

(Repeat *)

Now everybody says, he's just no-good
At least, everybody but me

(Repeat * till fade)

Donny & Marie Osmond All He Did Was Tell Me Lies

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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