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And It Seems Like I'll Stay

and it seems like I'm going to stay, yesyes it seems like I'll staybut it feels like I lostaday, yeahFound me a new love fresh like a running streamall but "here today" seems like a hazy dreamthis moment holds it all and holds me in betweennow I'm feelinginside, feeling insideescaping timeI'm going to love youlike nobody ever did beforelike a breeze through an open dooron a sunny sunny daythis love is coolgonna blow your tears awayblow your tears awaythat's all I have to saysunday into monday, lost another daytuesday held me close and watched me swoon and swayI remember wednesday like a shakespear playwe could be R' & J'a very tragic waythursday you're a siren deep inside the weekfriday like a shipwreck lying at your feetsaturday we met now I can hardly speak ofhow I'm feelinginside, feeling insidedissolve my mindinside, feeling insidesay "lovers blind"but I don't mind.

A.R. Kane And It Seems Like I'll Stay

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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